Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The true source of inspiration...

When feeling inspired, is it fair (or right) to send the credit of this experience outwards?

Meaning, is this inspiration really coming from the beautiful painting, the majestic scenery or even that incredible person you just saw or met?

After reading and studying the concept of inspiration for many years now, I have come to understand that inspiration can only come from within.  Certain experiences can help us access that inspiration, but to forget that it still came from inside of us is only leaving us dependent to such outside stimuli.  

To illustrate what I mean, imagine being trapped inside a room with absolutely no light (therefore pitch black and cold).  You don't know this, but there is a window for this room, only the blinds are closed and sealed tight.  If someone comes in and opens up this blind, should you credit that person for the light and warmth that is now filling your room?

While, you can (and should) show your appreciation to the person, painting or event for opening up the blinds to your room... you should not discredit yourself as having something to do with the experience.  You see, inspiration is a message from your soul (a message that you were able to hear or understand during that brief moment).  

So in reality, this message really came from inside of you :)

Live life... Inspired from the Inside
And not... Motivated by the Outside

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Money for nothing... (how that system changed everything)

There was a time when people did not work for a pay cheque or profits, they would get up in the morning and go out producing crops (or items of value).  And because one person could not produce every item his family would need, he would produce extra of what he knew best, and then exchange the extra with other producers in the region.

As time evolved, people found it easier to exchange crops & items with coins or notes (which they could then use to exchange with others).  It's much easier to carry a dozen coins than a dozen pigs ;)

Over time the system evolved some more and the banking industry was created.  This system allowed you to receive some coins and notes (now referred to as money) without needing to give the bank any products in return.  In a way the bank was giving you a gift... as long as you promised to give it back at some point (with interest).

Over time, this phenomenon created a mind set where people started believing that they were entitled to purchase items of value even if they couldn't afford to pay for them (or produce anything of equal value in return).  And so the simple concept of exchanging value for equal value evolved into a game of strategy, outwit and con.

The current reality, unfortunately, is that some individuals and companies consider trading as a game where you "win" if you can get AS MUCH MONEY in exchange for AS LITTLE VALUE AS POSSIBLE (the difference is where big profits come from).

So how can we return to the very simple principle of exchanging value for equal value.  The first step in my opinion, is to switch our thinking from "I need to work to make money..." to "I need to produce so I can contribute".

So instead of trying to produce everything that you need for living... why not produce more of what you are best at (like they would do years ago)?  Then you can exchange the extra for other crops or items of value you need for your life.  Sure you'll be getting money for you production (or contribution), but in return you will have given REAL VALUE.

Monday, October 10, 2011

What I want the world to know...

We live in a time of endless possibilities… at a time where there is such a big difference between the old and the new that people are afraid to change… to move on… to be left behind.
I want to help people see their own potential… I want people to know that they have a right – and a duty – to show the world their unique skills.  They have a right to ask for our support as they develop and polish those skills.  We are all in this together; no one is better or worse than anybody else.  We were each given a unique set of skills which we are meant to utilize and develop for the continued evolution of the world.
I want people to know that we are all responsible for our own experience in this life.  We bring to ourselves situations and events so that we may learn and benefit from them.  No one ever said that life was easy… but with this new kind of courage, we can, by working together, make it an inspired and beautiful place to live.
People are afraid of their own potential, that’s why we hesitate to believe our own psychic visions or intuitions (or the ones of others)… and I believe that the new world will see a rise in our ability and duty to follow such guidance… giving birth to a new reality and conciousness for us all... one where we all follow through on the ideas and visions we receive and consider them blessings from the above.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Promising Dilemma

Should you ever break a promise you made to someone else?

If it's to keep a promise you made to yourself... I say yes!

Of course, this is not an easy subject to bring up (to say the least)... but does this mean that we need to avoid it or hide from it?

For the most part, people have the greatest intentions when making promises such as "I will love you for the rest of my life".  But when circumstances (or people) change along the way, is it really best to stick with something that is simply making both of you miserable (and most likely, the people around you)?

Sure you made a promise that you intended to keep... but you also made a promise to yourself long before making any sort of promise to others...

  • You promised yourself you'd pursue a life of meaning and fulfillment.  
  • You promised yourself you would navigate through life using joy as your compass.  
  • You promised yourself you would learn and teach lessons of life... lessons of love.

And while it may not seem like an act of "love" to break a promise made to another.  If it's to keep a promise to yourself, so that both of you can be happier in time as a result... well, that is most certainly an act of love.

Monday, July 18, 2011

YOUR Contribution (a gift to the world)

Have you ever stopped and wondered if you were hiding a part of yourself from the rest of the world?

You see, we were all given a mission for our life, a purpose or calling... but most of us fear exploring this path because it may not already have been walked on.  Meaning, you might have to create this path without knowing exactly where it will lead you.

So instead we conform to what others expect of us (the majority wins in this case).  We go through life asking questions such as...
    • What would people want to buy from me?
    • Which College are my friends attending next year?
    • What would my parents think of this?
    • Would others laugh at this idea?
    • Is this even a good idea?
    • Can I make money with this?  If so, how much?
And as we search and research how to be the best person, company or employer the world would like us to be... we fail to look INSIDE OF US and therefore sacrifice our own self-acceptance and self-worth.

Henri Ford is famous for saying the following...

"If I would have asked others what they wanted, they would have said faster horses"

But instead, Henry Ford, believed he could make automobiles accessible to more people by mass producing them.  And so he did... 

The important thing to point out here is that while there's no doubt that Henry Ford, with the success of his Ford empire, changed the world as we knew it... his contribution is no more important than yours.  The impact of each one of our contributions to this world can not be measured by the perception others have of it, but instead only by the fulfillment it brings to the individual in question.  

  • If it feels like you are living your purpose (a meaningful life)... you are making tremendous contributions to our world.  No matter how big or small that contribution may seem to others.
  • If you feel resentment towards others who appear to be more successful than you... you have yet to discover the fulness of your own purpose.
So perhaps it's now time for you to turn your attention elsewhere... look inside... and discover the Gift you were meant to share with the rest of us.  We can't wait!

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Power is Shifting (once again)

There used to be a time when individuals would not only associate more with their career, it was also their identity, who they were.  There was the local doctor, the mailman, the nurse, the butcher, the baker and many others.  And during those days, everyone seemed to be treating their customers as they would their neighbors.  Of course, in most cases, they literally were.
Then some businesses realized that, by marketing to a larger group of people, more customers would come to their store and buy their product or service.  This meant more money in the bank for those businesses.  And with this extra money, they invested in some more marketing and made advertizing promises to an even higher number of people.  Television, Radio, Newspaper Ads… all of those cost a lot of money and for the people who had some, it meant they’d make even more.  In time, those businesses distanced themselves from the other smaller ones to a point of even being perceived as untouchable.  And for the longest time they were…
This also lead to a new discovery, because “mass media” was only available to the people who had money, those larger businesses realized that even if some of their customers weren’t completely satisfied with the product or service, they wouldn’t be able to tell the other customers.  At least, not on a scale that would prevent enough of them to come buy again from them.  And so quality started to go down while prices went up.  Of course, this meant even higher profits for the select few. 
But then everything changed…
The new century gave rise to a new phenomenon… Social Media. 
Now, because of Social Media and the Internet, we are seeing a shift in the “power to communicate to the masses”.  Today, everyone has access to a much larger network of people with whom they can share their thoughts, frustrations, great experiences and bad experiences.  And if the news is something those people feel is worth sharing, they do exactly that.  Then other people do the same… until, in a matter of minutes, thousands and thousands of people are hearing about it.  And the best thing about it… it’s FREE!
What does this mean for big businesses?
Well for one, it means that it’s now becoming harder for them to get away with their empty promises.  Customers are much more educated, a lot more skeptic and expect more for their money… and how can you blame them?  After being “taken” all those years they are now looking for some redemption.
Now, the question is... how are you going to adapt to this new reality?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Invest in Rest

Imagine if every time you got behind the wheel of a vehicle, you kept your foot on the gas peddle until you needed more gas.  I mean, even if you had to make a stop at a red light, you'd still take the time to put the car in neutral and continue feeding the engine some gas.  Do you think this would be good on your engine in the long run?

Unfortunately, this is how most of us treat our body in todays society.  Of course we all have to sleep at night, and even if we tried to completely deprive ourselves of it, we'd eventually fail... and fall asleep.  But resting during our awake hours is where most of us fall short.

Sleeping, is a way for us to recharge our batteries or refuel the engine.  But giving the engine a rest during hours of operations, is where we can avoid illnesses and stress while giving our body a better and longer quality of life.

In your work days, whether you're doing labor or mental work, take the time to rest and not think about your work.  Take a lunch... and not a lunch sitting at your desk answering calls and returning emails.  Step outside your work area, turn off your phone and simply rest.

There are many other ways to rest that are also very much essential to your good health, so why not take the time to discover what works best for you? You're worth the investment!

Friday, June 10, 2011

1 + 1 affects every 1

Relationships are everywhere... some better than others.  And whether we choose to accept this or not (or believe it or not), every relationship that we form affects our entire surrounding - not only the people directly involved.

Have you ever been part of a group in which 2 people really detested each other?  How was the overall dynamic of that group?

Now imagive a child growing up with parents who stopped loving each other... parents who now resent each other... parents who put on their smiling face in front of their child only to turn to fighting and screaming behind closed doors.  Can we honestly say that this does not affect the child's life just as much as it does the parents?

Whether we feel stuck, without options or not worthy of a fulfilling...
  • Romantic Relationship
  • Employee/Employer Relationship
  • Parent/Child Relationship
  • Friend/Friend Relationship
  • Customer/Organization Relationship
We need to remind ourselves that we are not doing our environment a favor in leaving things as they are... the energy surrounding each one of our relationships travels much further than we tend to convince ourselves.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Contruction delays

Have you ever noticed how the ones who complain that the roads are filled with potholes are also the same who'll complain about construction delays?  And often times, those same people will then turn around and complain about municipal and/or provincial taxes.

We have become so used to getting everything we want in a flash (and for free) since the rise of the internet.  But some things simply take a bit of sacrifice of both time and money... so let's all be a little more patient and grateful that we don't have to fix the roads ourselves.

Aiming at the target

It doesn't matter if your target is a personal goal, business goal or an actual target, you need to take that first shot and make adjustments until you hit your goal.

Too many people stay in the aiming (or planning) stage of the process by fear of missing their goal (making a mistake).

Always keep in mind...  It doesn't matter how long you aim at a target, you'll never know where the arrow will strike until you take that first shot.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Who's behind the curtain?

So you get up in the morning, you have plans or you make plans for the day, you put yourself in "character" and you go out into the world to play your part...

Does this sound like you some days? 

Have you ever caught yourself "acting" as someone you simply weren't for various reasons?
  • It may have been because you feared others wouldn't really get you if you played your real self.
  • It may have been because you felt that the situation needed you to behave a certain way.
  • It may have been because you really weren't sure who the real you was anymore.
What ever the reason was that made you play this "character" in the past... here's one thing you should keep in mind.  No matter who you are, how you behave, how you dress, how you speak, where you work, who you know, etc... you will never please everyone, so why try?  Why not instead focus on making yourself happy?

BE, LIVE & BREATHE like the person that you are... the real you... open yourself and accept every part of the real you... your strengths and your flaws... and find your own joy and happiness.

You have the right to play the part of... THE REAL YOU.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Airplane wisdom

If you're like most people I know, you probably don't pay too close attention to the routine speech flight attendants give before a plane takes off.  We heard the same speech over and over again and eventually we feel like there's nothing left to learn... Or is there?

I'm not sure exactly what day this was, but it was a few years ago.  I was sitting patiently in an airplane waiting for the "usual routine" to begin.  But halfway through, I suddenly found myself hearing the exact words I'd  heard countless times before... only this time they seemed to mean something entirely different.

"Be sure to secure your own breathing mask before helping others"

While everyone would agree, I'm sure, that the idea behind this makes complete sense...you can't help others (not even children) if you stop breathing yourself.  However, taking this simple principle and applying it in other areas of life is not an easy thing to do... without the risk of being perceived as selfish.

  • If a friend of yours is having money problems, is it your obligation to lend them the money?  Even if it means that you have to get that money from your personal line of credit or credit card.
  • If a group of your closest friends are all getting together on a Saturday to help out a local charity, is it OK for you to say you can't join them because you need to take that extra shift at work to pay your rent?
The simple truth is that you can't help others if you don't help yourself first... even when the alternative doesn't result in your immediate death.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Who's to blame?

Do you blame the customer who wants to pay as little as possible for quality merchandise?
Do you blame the employee who sells a customer the wrong product just so he can make his commission?
Do you blame the management team that pressures the sales team to meet quota... every time?
Do you blame the big companies that set up shop in other countries to cut down on manufacturing expenses?

Over the years I've observed this simple, yet dangerous truth... Most of us tend to pass the blame over to others.  There seems to be this belief that "if this person or group would simply stop doing what ever we blame them of doing"... everything would be fine.

But what would happen if everyone involved instead took responsibility for their contribution to this apparent problem?  What if decisions were made from a place of love and respect... instead of only factoring monetary consequences?

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Who's your customer?

I believe that your customer should be the person you have direct contact with.  To illustrate, here are a few examples...

Business -> Management (customer)
Management -> Employees (customer)
Employees -> Customers (customer)

School District -> Teachers (customer)
Teachers -> Students (customer)

If the Business would focus on making sure the management team "bought" into what it stood for, wouldn't it be more likely that the employees would also "buy" into it?  And wouldn't having employees who believed in what the Business stood for, make the experience for the paying customer, a better one?

What would happen to our society if every organization would switch to this new way of thinking?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Innovators & Imitators


  • Do what they do... not for the money, but instead, because of what can be created.
  • Do not fear failure but use it instead as opportunities to grow and motivation to succeed .
  • Don't compare themselves with others because what they're trying to achieve doesn't exist yet.
  • Are naturally Inspired... 
  • Do what they do because of the money that can be made.
  • See failure as a negative thing and try to avoid it.
  • React to what the competition is doing.
  • Need to be Motivated.

While you can't be both at the same time, it is possible to switch from one to the other.  Which one are you today?

Friday, April 29, 2011

SALES 2.0 -The game has changed

The game in question is - Sales
For decades the strategy to win at this game has been a simple one:

1- Stimulate Interest 
(Marketing & Promotion)
2- CONvince the potential customer to buy 
(Say and do whatever was necessary)
3- Close the Deal 
(YOU win!)
But what happens when that potential customer doesn't want to play that game anymore?  Nobody wins... and the game changes.

The new game is called - Relationship Building (or Sales 2.0)

It's a lot more difficult to master than the previous game, but the rewards are endless... and EVERYBODY wins!!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Which option will you choose?

What will you do when the road between where you are and where you want to go is blocked by an obstacle?  Will you...

1- Find a way to go over it?
2- Find a way to move it aside?
3- Find an alternative route?
4- Will you turn around and go home?

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Giving & Receiving

When you GIVE yourself permission to be happy
You RECEIVE the gift of inner peace

When you GIVE to others the worth of your uniqueness
You RECEIVE the gift of a fulfilled life

When you GIVE the Universe your complete trust
You RECEIVE the gift of good fortune

When you GIVE… You RECEIVE
When you TAKE… You DECEIVE

Friday, April 22, 2011

Give it enough time

How many times do you allow yourself to fail before you decide that this new thing simply isn't for you... or that you don't have enough money for it... or that you simply don't have the necessary skills?

After 20 failed attempts... 10... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... do you even give it a shot in the first place?

Now let me ask you a different question (and you may want to verify the answer with your parents if you need proof)... but how many times do you think you failed before you could successfully Walk... Talk... Write... or Ride a Bicycle?

So before you quit whatever it is you're thinking of quitting... why not get back on that bicycle and give it another shot?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Asking the wrong questions

Instead of asking…
What could I say that would encourage people to work here?
Ask yourself…
What makes my organization attractive for potential employees?

Instead of asking…
What could I say about this product or service that would make people want to buy it?
Ask yourself…
What is unique about this product or service that people can benefit from?

Instead of asking…
What do I need to say in order to get this job?
Ask yourself…
What unique skills do I have that makes me a great employee?

Instead of asking…
What can I say or do to make this person want to be with me?
Ask yourself…
Do I love myself… and do I believe that someone else can love me exactly the way I am?

Because most of us feel a need to please the masses; we try to fill the gap between where (we believe) we are and where (we believe) others expects us to be by "Selling Ourselves Up"... therefore, reducing our Self-Esteem... Self-Acceptance... and Self-Worth.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Distracting Voices

The desire to achieve, break the mold or challenge the status quo always attracts Distracting Voices.  Sometimes spoken... sometimes written... sometimes at you... sometimes about you.  And in the end, there are only 2 reasons why...

1- They're afraid you might FAIL... and what that would mean for YOU.
"Those people" don't want to see you hurt, suffer or be disappointed.

2- They're afraid you might SUCCEED... and what that would mean for THEM.  "Those people" don't want to see the walls of their comfort zone crumble.

And while the Distracting Voice of  "Those People" could come from your friends, your spouse, your family, your boss or a complete stranger... more often than not, that Voice comes from within...  (Me, Myself & I)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Food, Sex & Money

Without Food... WE would cease to exist in time.  But does that make "Eating" our reason for being alive?

Without Sex... our ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIP would cease to exist in time (at best a friendship would remain).  But does that make "Having Sex" our reason for engaging in such relationships?

Without Money... our CAREER or BUSINESS would cease to exist in time.  But does that make "Earning Money" our reason for building this career or business?

While Food, Sex & Money is the fuel that keeps it running, don't be fooled into believing that this "FUEL" is its purpose. 

The car was not invented so it could consume gasoline...

The Perfect Relationship

Imagine two single drops of water sitting on a window sill.  Picture them only a few millimeters apart.  Now keep your eyes on them as they slowly start moving towards each other and then touch…  What happens? 
The 2 single drops of water come together and transform themselves into a singlebigger… drop of water.

Now at first glance you may think that this is a worthless observation.  But let’s think about this for a second.  Both know exactly what they are made of (who they are) 2 Hydrogen and 1 Oxygen – H2O
And as they come together to form this new relationship neither one leaves any of it behind.  This new relationship now contains 4 Hydrogen and 2 Oxygen.  H2O+H2O=4H2O
The Impossible Relationship
Now let’s leave those 2 aside for a second and look at another attempt to form a relationship.
Let’s imagine for a second another single drop of water and a drop of oil.  As they get closer and try to merge together what do you think happens to them?  Well we all know that water and oil don’t mix…  so wouldn’t it be true to imagine that the best that they could do is simply stay side by side to one another?   H2O+OIL= H2O/OIL
  • Isn’t there something for us to learn here? 
  • Do we sometimes feel the need to sacrifice parts of who we are just so we can try to make a relationship work?
  • Do we even know who we are or what’s important to us?
  • And what about the other person… do we even know who they are and what’s important for them?

On one end you have this Perfect Relationship where both understand each other and accept the other for who they are and together they create something bigger and better that their individual selves. 

On the other end you have an Impossible Relationship where the best that they could possibly come up with to try to fake some kind of relationship is to hold on to each other while they both remain exactly who they were before… only now they have someone latched on to them.

The reality is that we live in an imperfect world.  This means that we are never going to have a Perfect Relationship.  But maybe we can use this Analogy as a way to measure the quality of each one of those Relationships.  Improve or change the ones that displease us… and grow the ones that fulfill us.