Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The true source of inspiration...

When feeling inspired, is it fair (or right) to send the credit of this experience outwards?

Meaning, is this inspiration really coming from the beautiful painting, the majestic scenery or even that incredible person you just saw or met?

After reading and studying the concept of inspiration for many years now, I have come to understand that inspiration can only come from within.  Certain experiences can help us access that inspiration, but to forget that it still came from inside of us is only leaving us dependent to such outside stimuli.  

To illustrate what I mean, imagine being trapped inside a room with absolutely no light (therefore pitch black and cold).  You don't know this, but there is a window for this room, only the blinds are closed and sealed tight.  If someone comes in and opens up this blind, should you credit that person for the light and warmth that is now filling your room?

While, you can (and should) show your appreciation to the person, painting or event for opening up the blinds to your room... you should not discredit yourself as having something to do with the experience.  You see, inspiration is a message from your soul (a message that you were able to hear or understand during that brief moment).  

So in reality, this message really came from inside of you :)

Live life... Inspired from the Inside
And not... Motivated by the Outside

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Money for nothing... (how that system changed everything)

There was a time when people did not work for a pay cheque or profits, they would get up in the morning and go out producing crops (or items of value).  And because one person could not produce every item his family would need, he would produce extra of what he knew best, and then exchange the extra with other producers in the region.

As time evolved, people found it easier to exchange crops & items with coins or notes (which they could then use to exchange with others).  It's much easier to carry a dozen coins than a dozen pigs ;)

Over time the system evolved some more and the banking industry was created.  This system allowed you to receive some coins and notes (now referred to as money) without needing to give the bank any products in return.  In a way the bank was giving you a gift... as long as you promised to give it back at some point (with interest).

Over time, this phenomenon created a mind set where people started believing that they were entitled to purchase items of value even if they couldn't afford to pay for them (or produce anything of equal value in return).  And so the simple concept of exchanging value for equal value evolved into a game of strategy, outwit and con.

The current reality, unfortunately, is that some individuals and companies consider trading as a game where you "win" if you can get AS MUCH MONEY in exchange for AS LITTLE VALUE AS POSSIBLE (the difference is where big profits come from).

So how can we return to the very simple principle of exchanging value for equal value.  The first step in my opinion, is to switch our thinking from "I need to work to make money..." to "I need to produce so I can contribute".

So instead of trying to produce everything that you need for living... why not produce more of what you are best at (like they would do years ago)?  Then you can exchange the extra for other crops or items of value you need for your life.  Sure you'll be getting money for you production (or contribution), but in return you will have given REAL VALUE.

Monday, October 10, 2011

What I want the world to know...

We live in a time of endless possibilities… at a time where there is such a big difference between the old and the new that people are afraid to change… to move on… to be left behind.
I want to help people see their own potential… I want people to know that they have a right – and a duty – to show the world their unique skills.  They have a right to ask for our support as they develop and polish those skills.  We are all in this together; no one is better or worse than anybody else.  We were each given a unique set of skills which we are meant to utilize and develop for the continued evolution of the world.
I want people to know that we are all responsible for our own experience in this life.  We bring to ourselves situations and events so that we may learn and benefit from them.  No one ever said that life was easy… but with this new kind of courage, we can, by working together, make it an inspired and beautiful place to live.
People are afraid of their own potential, that’s why we hesitate to believe our own psychic visions or intuitions (or the ones of others)… and I believe that the new world will see a rise in our ability and duty to follow such guidance… giving birth to a new reality and conciousness for us all... one where we all follow through on the ideas and visions we receive and consider them blessings from the above.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Promising Dilemma

Should you ever break a promise you made to someone else?

If it's to keep a promise you made to yourself... I say yes!

Of course, this is not an easy subject to bring up (to say the least)... but does this mean that we need to avoid it or hide from it?

For the most part, people have the greatest intentions when making promises such as "I will love you for the rest of my life".  But when circumstances (or people) change along the way, is it really best to stick with something that is simply making both of you miserable (and most likely, the people around you)?

Sure you made a promise that you intended to keep... but you also made a promise to yourself long before making any sort of promise to others...

  • You promised yourself you'd pursue a life of meaning and fulfillment.  
  • You promised yourself you would navigate through life using joy as your compass.  
  • You promised yourself you would learn and teach lessons of life... lessons of love.

And while it may not seem like an act of "love" to break a promise made to another.  If it's to keep a promise to yourself, so that both of you can be happier in time as a result... well, that is most certainly an act of love.