Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Advance Praise for "THE LIFE GARDENER"

“This beautiful book will teach you powerful lessons about living an authentic and happy life.”
Martin Latulippe, CSP
Bestselling Author & Speaker

“The thing I like most about this book is that you can tell it is written from the heart. The simplest concepts are often the most difficult to master. I've also had the pleasure of being taken through Remi's journey musically, and that extremely rare combination makes the principles in this book resonate in a way I've never experienced before.”
Kathy Mercure
Freelance Writer

“By utilizing his immense courage and sharing from his heart, Remi weaves a compelling tale of a young man and the many valuable lessons he learned and incorporated into his life along the way. An inspiring and easy to read story that will touch all who read it!”
Bev Crossman
Inspirationalist & Life Coach

“All the best with the new album and sending your wonderful music and poetry out into the world. May all those who can be comforted and inspired by your gift find their way to your offerings.”
Oriah Mountain Dreamer
Bestselling Author

 “In the book The Life Gardener, Remi has allowed himself to be vulnerable in order to share some of the incredible lessons that he learned through his own personal struggles. The lessons he shares in the book are applicable to anyone, regardless of where they are in their life journey. His story has made me reconsider the way I look at the difficulties in my own life. Easy to read and hard to put down, this book is a must read!”
Jenn Marr
Philanthropy Development Officer

“If you're a person that needs to establish direction and better values in your life, this book is for you! It's a great example of simple principles that can be incorporated in anyone's life in order to live a happier and more balanced existence. Great read!”
Steve Daniels
Leadership Coach

“The Life Gardener brings to the surface those burning 'Who am I and how do I find that out?' thoughts that we all so often have. Remi helps us find our unique answers with his heartbreaking, thought provoking novel about loss, love and most importantly… finding ones sense of self.”
Natasha Carson
Book Lover & Blogger

 “Remi is truly a creative artist as his down-to-earth writing style carries the reader along on this journey towards understanding and growth.”
Trina Campbell
Site Administrator for Miracle Messages

“As a professional artist, I take my inspiration from the simplest things. The simple principles in this book are sure to inspire you in your own life.”
Matt Leblanc
Abstract Artist

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