Friday, June 22, 2012

Article from the T&T featuring my book! :)

(Originally published in the Times & Transcript on June 22nd 2012)

Author takes 'journey to authenticity'
by Linda Hersey

The Life Gardener just might surprise you.

The author, Rémi Boudreau of Moncton, not a gardener 'at all,' employs 'seven gardening principles' in this his first book. Written in novel form, it's designed to help readers apply these principles to life.

'I actually tell my own real journey in the book,' says Rémi. 'The novel is still fictional, but the discussions and the challenges that the main character in the book faces to make changes to be more authentic - because that's the point of the book … The subtitle is A Journey Towards Authenticity, and (the book contains) seven principles to help us grow into our authentic self.' A native of Bathurst, Rémi is also a successful singer/songwriter.

The Life Gardener basically fulfilled his dream of writing a book although he struggled with possible subject matter. While blogging 'and just putting stuff out there' and last summer doing a video 'about weeds in the garden,' he seized on the idea of how that concept could actually be applied to daily living. That grew into the book and he finished the project in late 2011.

His natural talent for insight and understanding has been utilized in The Life Gardener as well as the opportunity to share valuable lessons learned in his own life.

'Three and a half years ago was when I decided to reclaim my life because I had slowly stepped away from the real version of who I was.

I had become quite popular (music) when I was 18 back north in Bathurst, and people were starting to recognize me. That fame that I was getting kind of scared me and it made me step away and stop playing music for 10 years. Following that I just became a person obsessed with money and success, and image was everything. I lost touch with who I really was.' Among those life changes to make a fresh start, both personal and professional, was closing a company he'd built that had 18 employees. He feels that no matter how far off the path someone may go, there's always a way to get your life back in order.

'Life is not meant to be a struggle and painful,' he says. 'We are meant to enjoy this life. There are certainly ups and downs, but if everyday you just feel miserable - it's not normal. There must be some changes that need to be done in your life.' At 111 pages with a music CD written as a companion to the book, The Life Gardener (self-published) is available at Chapters ('local section') as well as on-line at;, and the soundtrack on iTunes. The book and soundtrack are each priced separately with a special price and free shipping if purchased together.

Rémi Boudreau shares his favourites quotes from The Life Gardener: 'Our thoughts are the seeds with which we fill our garden’ and 'Your soul is the seed. Your body is the flower. Your life is the garden. You are the gardener.'

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