Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The true source of inspiration...

When feeling inspired, is it fair (or right) to send the credit of this experience outwards?

Meaning, is this inspiration really coming from the beautiful painting, the majestic scenery or even that incredible person you just saw or met?

After reading and studying the concept of inspiration for many years now, I have come to understand that inspiration can only come from within.  Certain experiences can help us access that inspiration, but to forget that it still came from inside of us is only leaving us dependent to such outside stimuli.  

To illustrate what I mean, imagine being trapped inside a room with absolutely no light (therefore pitch black and cold).  You don't know this, but there is a window for this room, only the blinds are closed and sealed tight.  If someone comes in and opens up this blind, should you credit that person for the light and warmth that is now filling your room?

While, you can (and should) show your appreciation to the person, painting or event for opening up the blinds to your room... you should not discredit yourself as having something to do with the experience.  You see, inspiration is a message from your soul (a message that you were able to hear or understand during that brief moment).  

So in reality, this message really came from inside of you :)

Live life... Inspired from the Inside
And not... Motivated by the Outside

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