Thursday, July 14, 2011

Invest in Rest

Imagine if every time you got behind the wheel of a vehicle, you kept your foot on the gas peddle until you needed more gas.  I mean, even if you had to make a stop at a red light, you'd still take the time to put the car in neutral and continue feeding the engine some gas.  Do you think this would be good on your engine in the long run?

Unfortunately, this is how most of us treat our body in todays society.  Of course we all have to sleep at night, and even if we tried to completely deprive ourselves of it, we'd eventually fail... and fall asleep.  But resting during our awake hours is where most of us fall short.

Sleeping, is a way for us to recharge our batteries or refuel the engine.  But giving the engine a rest during hours of operations, is where we can avoid illnesses and stress while giving our body a better and longer quality of life.

In your work days, whether you're doing labor or mental work, take the time to rest and not think about your work.  Take a lunch... and not a lunch sitting at your desk answering calls and returning emails.  Step outside your work area, turn off your phone and simply rest.

There are many other ways to rest that are also very much essential to your good health, so why not take the time to discover what works best for you? You're worth the investment!

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