Friday, June 10, 2011

1 + 1 affects every 1

Relationships are everywhere... some better than others.  And whether we choose to accept this or not (or believe it or not), every relationship that we form affects our entire surrounding - not only the people directly involved.

Have you ever been part of a group in which 2 people really detested each other?  How was the overall dynamic of that group?

Now imagive a child growing up with parents who stopped loving each other... parents who now resent each other... parents who put on their smiling face in front of their child only to turn to fighting and screaming behind closed doors.  Can we honestly say that this does not affect the child's life just as much as it does the parents?

Whether we feel stuck, without options or not worthy of a fulfilling...
  • Romantic Relationship
  • Employee/Employer Relationship
  • Parent/Child Relationship
  • Friend/Friend Relationship
  • Customer/Organization Relationship
We need to remind ourselves that we are not doing our environment a favor in leaving things as they are... the energy surrounding each one of our relationships travels much further than we tend to convince ourselves.