Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fire vs Water (Who wins?)

If water enters a battle against fire with even forces… water always wins.

To illustrate, imagine yourself sitting near a campfire.  If you were to throw drops of water at it, would you be able to extinguish the fire?  But what if you were to take a bucket of water roughly the size of the fire and dump it all over it… wouldn’t that extinguish the fire?

The battle between fear (fire) and love (water) is similar. 

We live in a time where fear seems nearly impossible to overcome.  It appears as if one person does not stand a chance against big corporations who fear losing their power in their markets or governments who fear losing control over their people or society who fears there aren’t enough jobs, money and resources for everyone.

So what are we to do?

I believe we need to focus on love and build a tribe strong enough that can then go to battle against fear and be on even ground.  1 vs 1000 will not win.  But if you gather an army of love strong enough… water (love) always wins.

When we fight fire with fire, the fire grows bigger… and that’s not what the worlds needs right now.

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