Monday, July 18, 2011

YOUR Contribution (a gift to the world)

Have you ever stopped and wondered if you were hiding a part of yourself from the rest of the world?

You see, we were all given a mission for our life, a purpose or calling... but most of us fear exploring this path because it may not already have been walked on.  Meaning, you might have to create this path without knowing exactly where it will lead you.

So instead we conform to what others expect of us (the majority wins in this case).  We go through life asking questions such as...
    • What would people want to buy from me?
    • Which College are my friends attending next year?
    • What would my parents think of this?
    • Would others laugh at this idea?
    • Is this even a good idea?
    • Can I make money with this?  If so, how much?
And as we search and research how to be the best person, company or employer the world would like us to be... we fail to look INSIDE OF US and therefore sacrifice our own self-acceptance and self-worth.

Henri Ford is famous for saying the following...

"If I would have asked others what they wanted, they would have said faster horses"

But instead, Henry Ford, believed he could make automobiles accessible to more people by mass producing them.  And so he did... 

The important thing to point out here is that while there's no doubt that Henry Ford, with the success of his Ford empire, changed the world as we knew it... his contribution is no more important than yours.  The impact of each one of our contributions to this world can not be measured by the perception others have of it, but instead only by the fulfillment it brings to the individual in question.  

  • If it feels like you are living your purpose (a meaningful life)... you are making tremendous contributions to our world.  No matter how big or small that contribution may seem to others.
  • If you feel resentment towards others who appear to be more successful than you... you have yet to discover the fulness of your own purpose.
So perhaps it's now time for you to turn your attention elsewhere... look inside... and discover the Gift you were meant to share with the rest of us.  We can't wait!

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